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tracker1 647 days ago. link parent 3 points
Node.js was a pretty uphill battle for several years in some organizations.  My first corp deployment of node was literally because I was playing with it, and researching a few things, and was able to get an API written and deployed for something in a couple of hours, when another dev quoted a week for a .Net project.  LOL... A mongodb a synchronization project, and an API node project all written/deployed in under a day, and ran on a "backup" server used for job processes, reverse proxied from the main server (Application Request Routing, ARR under IIS).

I spent the next couple years about half node, half C#... and the past couple years mostly node.  I actually prefer it for most things.  But it's not like it was an easy sell early on at all for me.


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Nice story :)

Node was always nice to quickly show off something. I remember playing around with Node, the first time, in the end of 2009. Back then it already was clear that it will probably become huge.

I think that's often how new tech slowly sneaks itself into a company. Some developers playing around with it, talking about it at lunch, demonstrating that it is way more productiv than the previous solution. Then the technology gets used in some minor important project, after that maybe in some more important project, and so on.
Couple of years later, same thing happens with some newer technology.