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Interesting idea... would be cool to have something like this as a mountable koa module for API access integration.
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-1 for me... extremely simplistic example using request and cheerio modules seen time and again.  What would be better would perhaps be an accompanying article surrounding what this project is trying to accomplish and why it was put together.  As is, another throwaway repository on github.
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I prefer angular-redux, as it feels like the effects are just a lot more overhead as opposed to say async action creators in a service with redux.  I know the reasons why, but I absolutely prefer a more unidirectional event/data flow that I get with Redux, even in Angular.
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Nothing really applies to angular.  If you're developin your app separate from the api, your ouput will probably be straight JS.

If your app is deplying to doker, cool... otherwise you kind of loose the `npm ci` advantages.  In the end it's more of an okay primer for docker than angular's use imho.
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I like tests flattened into the same directory MyControl.test.js or .spec.js

Also, instead of a package.json, add an index.js re-exports the specific named control.js file...  The practice in use may cause complications with build systems or future mjs references.
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#2, might as well use an object... the "encode" is meaningless since it won't be a numeric comparison.  may as well use `this["_" + word] = true;` prepending the underscore only to avoid use of reserved words, or overriding object prototypes.

#5 the linked list's "insert" doesn't account for middle-insert or changing current position.
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Umn, there's no JSON involved at all... JSON is a string... this is an object selection library.  I know it's nitpicking but I'm really sick of people calling all objects in JS "JSON".