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yet another boilerplate for webpack, no idea what it has to do with gulp, other than the motivation for creation was switching away from gulp.

Personally, I switched out of gulp, mostly relying on npm scripts and may create custom node scripts as needed (run from npm scripts), with shelljs and/or gulp modules/streams as needed.
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This looks like 1/5 of what an article with such a title should be.  There's a suggestion on how to create then rename a file, an editor (Sublime) and how to disable JS in chrome and IE.

1) as much as I really like Sublime Text 3, Atom and Visual Studio Code are might be other editors to advise people getting started to use.

2) Edge is the current MS browser, and should probably be the focus.

3) No coverage on actually getting a .js file after all that work to do anything.  If you're really going to take this from *that* basic of a level, you should probably include how to run the JS, and maybe even basic DOM interaction on init, as well as links to more resources.
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Agreed, while it wasn't exactly constrained, I don't think that the first reaction should be to try and ostracize, then push out anyone who doesn't conform to social norms.  Even if someone else is acting childish, it's up to you to be better, to be an adult and adopt and deal with that situation as a grown up.

That said, were there no conflicts with ES5 and say prototype.js?  As far as I'm concerned, mootools shouldn't stop the use of the original name.  I said as much in the discussion thread on GH.
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I've definitely gone in this direction at work (honestly, I'd rather just use React).  Pushing for Jest/Puppet now as a matter of fact, so thanks to the author for the ammo.
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I wish every "developer bootcamp" would cover this... you'd be surprised how many interviewees can't answer half of the questions from this.

My go to is, "in JavaScript, what values evaluate to false?"
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Two points... one, defining what a "Flickety Component" is, would be helpful.  second, a working demo would be *VERY* useful.

edit: tried to submit these as an issue, GH seems to be misbehaving, or the proxy at work is.
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I can't speak for anyone else, but I find that tools that wrap Redux into something that is inherently different than, you know Redux, tend to be disliked.  At a point, there's very little point in even acknowledging Redux, other than as a child dependency.
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Interesting... need to come back to this at home when I can play with it.
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Nice, what if I like my `File.spec.js` right next to `File.js` instead of in a nexted directory?