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Post only really explains how to do react in a more angular-like paradigm for development using MobX and TypeScript.  I'll admit, it is more apples to apples than most ng v react articles.

All of that said, it's kind of pointless really.  The Angular shops are mostly sold as an upgrade path from their existing Angular 1.x knowledge and entropy of the framework.  Merits aside.  And I'll agree that React + Redux + more is very different as an approach.

The bigger differences come in when you have a very large project.  Now you have some weird web of stores, dependencies, and data flows.  React + Redux will scale complexity at a much lower incline that with other paradigms such as the ones in the article.  If all you have is a simple form, and a simple view, it's not a big deal.  When you have hundreds of custom components, and data stretching through many data sources, it becomes harder.

Not to mention the effort to shoehorn a GraphQL reference into the mix.
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If deploying to a single server, I'd just assume setup Dokku for my apps.
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I got it in my email, but forgot about it. I actually meant to go back and fill it.
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It encourages sites to keep using a bad password validation scheme in place.  A big readme pointing out that it's far better to have a complexity requirement and indicator than it is to have arbitrary password character requirements.
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Thanks, may actually give this a closer look with a small UI I'll be working on soon.
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I don't think it was so much spam, but it did seem to cut off right at the part where I actually wanted more detail.  I'd actually almost rather see an interview transcript, and wish the article had included it.

All of that said, this is definitely an article geared towards managers, not so much for developers, unless you're in a smaller shop and trying to champion change.
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So picodom will register and unregister callbacks/events to the dom nodes on creation/destruction?
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My sister has only daughters, my mom has only sisters, half of my aunts only have daughters, my grandmother only has sisters... I've heard them say "miss you guys" to each other more times in my life than I can count... it's gender neutral enough.

In fact, I have yet to see an actual *woman* take offense to this phrase, it's always some SJW man that seems over-sensitive to it.  I saw someone bring it up in #node.js over someone asking "mind if I ask you guys a question?" once.  Everyone seemed to kowtow to the statement, I think I'm the only one in the channel that challenged it and stand by that assertion.  If someone decides that the word "roses" is suddenly offensive, it shouldn't be society that necessarily adapts.

Personally, I find the term "git" pretty offensive, but I'm not championing changing the name.  The biggest irony is when "github" forced the change of a repo that had a term deemed offensive...  There's a matter of intent and context to consider... "Only guys will get it, chicks just can't understand." would be offensive, and I understand that... in this context it's used as a generic pronoun.

I self-identify as a 68yo Black Lesbian Woman whose personal pronoun is "my lord and master".
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Pretty cool, but wonder how it handles synthetic events compared to react... It seems to me synthetic events and supported nodes should be as close to react as possible.

I'm also curious if this supports svg and associated elements as well.