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Intersting... uses cheerio under the covers, which is what I've usually used directly for things like this... so serves as a thin API layer over the top for selections.
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I'm not sure how this is better vs. a caching npm server that doesn't delete, private git submodules, or private npm otherwise?
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+1 for @shopify/draggable alone... currently using a different one, and may be able to just slot this in with angular + redux, since what I've been using at work has been problematic to say the least.
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For some reason I can't sign into medium on my browser... so here's my comment.

How do you disconnect dispatch from the store?  I mean, if you're doing a server-side implementation, how do you dispatch, as an example a route change to bind up your data against the routing info?  You will have more than one store in a server-side implementation.
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Memory will be similar, but the start time of browser instances will be reduced.  Chrome creates a separate management/runtime process for each tab/page.
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Good mini-state option for smaller projects, or interactive reusable components.
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Would love to see this tied in with redux-first-router.
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It doesn't mutate, the immutable changes are abstracted via another library... however imho, it's no longer redux, but a prescriptive wrapper around it, and the usage is very alien compared to redux.  Also, I'm much more inclined to use redux-thunks with async functions, which works very well, and is easier to comprehend than the wrappers for saga.
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why not use two pools... one for the browser, another for the page... this way multiple pages can exist against one browser?