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The usage seems really cool, and I'd love to see functionality come to this level with PostgreSQL PLv8 and even in MS-SQL Server.
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Well, if you go by bandwidth, it's mostly YouTube and Netflix
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Without an express patent grant, Facebook can still sue you for use.  It'd be a dick move, but in a patent war, it would likely happen... just look at the technology patent wars in phone tech.
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At this point, I'm thinking it may well be a decade before any real transition for a lot of what's in npm today... not that I don't want it, been using the syntax via babel for a while... also, I am curious about the default node_modules path, and how that will play out.
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Makes the same mistakes of so many other modal options... Doesn't pin to the top, when the vertical doesn't fit...  contents don't scroll at all, let alone separate from backdrop.  Not to mention, that when you hit smaller display sizes (think small tablet or phone), the modal should take over and cover the entire display.

While having modal options are nice, the points above are issues with almost every modal component I've seen.
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Node 8 is great, the number of features in ES2018 that can be done via transforms and isn't in the box is awesome.  My node 8 babel config is only 6 plugins.  The performance gains, even over 6 aren't insignificant either.
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Very true, but in any project where you are looking for a "framework" to guide you, redux is often one of the better somewhat prescriptive fits.  I find redux + redux-thunks + redux-first-router to be a great combination.  Using thunks with async functions feels very natural/simple to me.

I find a lot of the extras in angular 2+ to be very convoluted.. and regarding Vue.js, it's hard for me to see that actually scale well.
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I really get sick and tired of the "React isn't a framework" excuse.  You really don't need much extra, redux a couple plugins and a UI toolkit, if you want one.  A thin wrapper around fetch-api for remote calls.  It's just laziness.
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Given that form errors and validation are a function of state, imho this belongs in the state machine... either a Redux reducer.

    form: {
      fields: [
          name: FIELD_FOO, // const for i18n
          value: '',
          status: null,
            /* null = never focused
               false = focused, first time
               true = blured before, or repeat focus
          errors: [
          ] // should be a constant against i18n lookup
      submitting: false,

with the above, there's enough information to display what is needed and to do validation... onfocus/blur/keypress etc should be evented for validation.
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A little nifty, started using husky to run eslint and prettier as precommit hooks for several months on most of my projects.