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igl 664 days ago. link 3 points
Not upgrading your dependencies on a regular basis is usually the issue that makes you stuck with a certain node version.
The longer you wait the more time you spend on fixing things.

`npm/yarn outdated` helps you find new version quickly. I do this weekly.
igl 776 days ago. link 10 points
Because he used the word "promiscuity" and made a flex motion? Wat? Am i missing something?
igl 787 days ago. link 4 points
He probably did not use it in a large project yet.
The benefits drown in the downsides:

- Write types for 3rd party APIs? Fun!
- You are lucky if you find type definitions for 2 out of 10 libs you use.
- The Polymorphic nature of javascript: you WILL add more loc to satisfy the type system.
- It does not replace the need for schemas. You will have to write validators for side-effects anyway and flow/ts will not understand them (yet).
- let and const came into flow not too long ago. Typescript does not have object-spread and is just about to get async funcs in a few weeks/months. So forget about your favorite ES7 feature.
- IDE's - not exciting. atom/nuclide is slow as hell and drove me nuts.
- 90% of all types are string or number.

The only real benefit is IDE auto completion. It did not find any serious errors. Mostly false positives because of polymorphism or incorrect definitions.
igl 1145 days ago. link 2 points
Rage against terminology.
igl 1624 days ago. link -4 points
Oh golly just what web-development needed another notepad with colored text.
igl 1624 days ago. link -1 point
The "preview" you get from looking at ./views is enough.
This is nothing but a tiny css with some @media queries and a express install with a user creation form.

Why post it? Try working on it for more than a day!
Good luck!
igl 1639 days ago. link 2 points
maybe you can come up with more than 2 lame jokes before trying to spread it viral :P