Echo JS 0.11.0

igl 945 days ago. link parent 2 points
Nobody thought of bash before?

I have even greater news for you!
There is a tool that can achieve the same in even less LOC!
You can also run stuff in parallel without having to explicitly define a task for it. You just tell it how many workers you want and which tasks it should execute! (Say: Run 5 tasks while 2 always run in parallel)
Tasks can also have other tasks as dependencies.
There is no need for a defacto "Taskfile" standard because defining Tasks is all you can do and all it does!
It's also pretty stable as it was first released in 1976!

Can you guess which tool it is?


nfroidure 944 days ago. link 2 points
Make is great but its syntax is kinda weird and error prone. I'd like have make as simple as the TaskFile format proposed here. Maybe a JavaScript subset that transpile to Makefile :D.