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Easy State is a React state management library which aims to be as close to vanilla JS as possible. By using ES6 Proxies, it can finally complete the magic of transparent reactivity.
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Stay up to date with Node.js - Week #3:

1, Learn Node.js — We created a directory of top articles from last year (v.2018)
2, A crash course on TypeScript with Node.js
3, How does Node load built-in modules?
4, Building Secure JavaScript Applications
5, Migrating your Node.js REST API to Serverless
6, Handling Node.js Microservices with Kubernetes (February 22-23) - Barcelona:
7, Meet Middy, - The stylish Node.js middleware engine for AWS Lambda
8, Internationalizing Node.js
9, Announcing The Node.js Application Showcase
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We collected the best Node.js tutorials of 2017! We used data from Reddit, Hacker News, Twitter & Medium to search for the most liked stuff out there.
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* Putting the helmet on – Securing your Express app
* Node.js + OpenCV for Face Recognition
* Monitoring the performance of a Node.js web application
* Writing fast and safe native Node.js modules with Rust
* Survey: Learning Node.js in 2018
* Node Color Log
* How to Setup Node.js Server on your Local Windows or Linux Machine
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This week's best:

* Node v8.6.0 (Current)
* Security Issue: Path Validation Vulnerability
* Google Announced Stackdriver Debugger for Node.js
* How to write clean code for cascaded promises
* How to write reliable browser tests using Selenium and Node.js
* Debugging in 2017 with Node.js
* Node8’s util.promisify is so freakin’ awesome!
* Limdu.js - Machine Learning for Node.js
* Terminal Kit - Terminal utilities for node.js
* Reddit thread of the week: Hey Node friends, can we stop posting about politics and start posting about code again?
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The most important Node.js updates, projects & tutorials from this week:

* Re-thinking the Node.js ecosystem for modern JavaScript
* What's new in Node.js 8.5?
* Using ES modules natively in Node.js
* How To Combine a NodeJS Back End with a ReactJS Front End App
* Understanding & Measuring HTTP Timings with Node.js
* Building a crude Node.js from scratch
* Securing Node.js RESTful APIs with JSON Web Tokens
* ES2017's async/await is the best thing to ever happen to JavaScript
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* ECMAScript Modules in Node.js!
* Performance Hooks
* File copy with the core fs module
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The most important Node.js updates, projects & tutorials from this week:

* Node.js 6.11.3 (LTS) has shipped
* Announcing Yarn 1.0
* Introducing Fastify, a Speedy Node.js Web Framework
* A 6-Step-Guide for Contributing to the Node.js Core
* Fast Properties in V8
* Building an interactive Game of Thrones Map with Node.js, Postgis & Redis
* The Node.js World is Imploding
* Node.js Board Statement on TSC Action (new comment from Mark Hinkle)
* Rise of Functions as a Service: How PHP Set the “Serverless” Stage 20 Years Ago
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Contributing to Node.js can be done in a lot of different ways. You can start contributing to one of the working groups (like the Website, Diagnostics or Post-mortem group) or start teaching at Nodeschools, so your peers can learn from you.

You can also start working directly on the Node.js Core, whether you do it by answering questions, or actually adding code to the project.

The steps are:

#1 Fork the Project
#2 Setup your git Repository
#3 Build your Node.js Binary
#4 Write tests, Run the Tests
#5 Find Something to Work On
#6 Submitting your Solution
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* Interview with Ryan Dahl, Creator of Node.js
* Node.js Board Statement on TSC Action
* Node.js CTC and TSC have been merged back together
* Concurrent JavaScript: It can work!
* How I Survived RisingStack’s Node.js Bootcamp
* async_hooks in node.js, illustrated
* JSCONF BUDAPEST 2017 Announced