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TLDR: We have a Node.js coding bootcamp here at RisingStack which will help you to sucker punch imposter syndrome and give you a kickstart learning Node.js!

And we just open sourced it.
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In this blog post, we will introduce the most important aspects of HTTP/2 Server Push and create a small Node.js app that gains benefit from using it.
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* Node v8.4.0 (Current) Released 
* Building an API Gateway using Node.js 
* Node pdf-bot 
* ES Modules in Node Today! 
* Node.js Config Best-Practices 
* Puppeteer - A Headless Chrome Node API 
* Async/Await will Make Your Code Simpler 
* About that hash flooding vulnerability in Node.js…
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* The Risk of the Microservices Architecture
* Graceful Service Degradation
* Change management
* Health-check and Load Balancing
* Self-healing
* Failover Caching
* Retry Logic
* Rate Limiters and Load Shedders
* Fail Fast and Independently
* Bulkheads
* Circuit Breakers
* Testing for Failures
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Node v8.2.0 & v8.2.1 Released!

* Say hello to HTTP/2 for Node.js Core
* Node.js: Constant HashTable Seeds Vulnerability
* How Developer Mac Heller-Ogden Convinced His Bosses to Adopt Node.js
* What you should know to really understand the Node.js Event Loop
* npm v5.3.0 released
* Node.js Adopts the Contributor Covenant Guidelines
* Upcoming Node.js, Microservices & Security Trainings in Europe
* Node Summit, Next Week, San Francisco!
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The Node.js Trainings:

1, Node.js Fundamentals
2, Securing Node.js Applications
3, Building Microservices with Node.js


* Vienna 
* Dublin
* Amsterdam
* Paris
* Barcelona
* Berlin
* Zurich
* London
* Lisbon
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* Node v8.1.4 (Current) Released
* Security updates for all active release lines, July 2017
* Setting up 2FA for Node.js Applications
* Introducing npx: an npm package runner
* Microservices Distributed Tracing with Node.js and OpenTracing
* How to inspect the memory usage of a process in Node.js
* Keynotes for Node.js Interactive Focus on the Future of the Platform
* Online Training: Testing Node.js Applications
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Microservices debugging
Distributed Tracing
Distributed Tracing Concepts
Context propagation
Intro to OpenTracing
Cross-process propagation in Node.js
Open-source Tracers
Intro to Jaeger
Jaeger and Node.js
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* What are async functions in Node?
* Patterns with async functions
* Retry with exponential backoff
* Intermediate values
* Multiple parallel requests with async/await
* Array iteration methods
* Rewriting callback-based Node.js applications
* Rewriting Promise-based applications
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* Security updates for all active release lines, July 2017 
* Node.js Performance Monitoring with Prometheus 
* Online Training: Testing Node.js Applications
* Building a sentiment analysis bot with IBM Watson and Raspberry Pi
* Trading Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Commodities Stocks and More Using Node.js
* Read and write memory in NodeJS (via node addon)
* Memorizing APIs and other tips for coding fluently