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Rygu 1270 days ago. link 1 point
Created this because the standard Fetch API is great but pretty limited feature-wise. This library allows you to add a lot of automation. Computed options are useful when configurations change while the calling code does not have to know how, for example with refreshed access tokens. Just pass in a computed value. Middleware makes it possible to add default request and response transformations, like adding headers and parsing JSON into ImmutableJS.

I hope to add more middlewares soon.
Rygu 1536 days ago. link 2 points
Hey Eric, thanks for checking this starterkit out. I put the main focus on the build tools to make it really easy to get started and get productive. 

The main thing about this starterkit is that it's not about the example app, but more about the build tools and overall ease-of-use. For example ONE single command that listens for both server and client build + hot updates (instant reloads on-save), to enhance productivity while writing isomorphic React apps.

Another aspect is how to share data from the server instances of the React components, with the client instances. So React can fully & automatically pick-up the app on the client-side. As illustrated in the example app.

I'm just getting started. Please let me know if you've got more awesome ideas and suggestions for me.