Echo JS 0.11.0

cheng 1685 days ago.
Hi Everyone:

I'm now working on a interactive storytelling project on iPad using Webkit. 

Imagine there is a large retina image (maybe 8k x 2k resolution), and I'm trying to allow user to pan around the image and tap some highlight objects to interact.

The problem is, it is very sluggish on my iPad 4. Some areas are repainted and it just stick there when I start swiping. I tried to use the GPU rending trick (translate3d) but it hardly help. I checked Google map, It's hardly called smooth either. 

There is no WebGL support till now on iOS 7.

Do anyone have any ideas? Or is it just impossible unless I resize the image?

iamntz 1684 days ago. link 2 points
Why not splitting the image into tiles of... dunno, 1/4 of screen size (256x192 or 512x384 each), then align and display only two screens at once (so you will have 4 tiles on screen, then two more tiles in each direction + one in each corner; that is 16 tiles).

Also, Google maps can deal with this kind of stuff. Take a look here:
chadams 1684 days ago. link 1 point
do you have a url to the project, it might be another reason causing the sluggishness.