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bchelli 1720 days ago.
Hi Everyone,

I'm working for a NY startup, I'm a fellow Frontend Engineer and I'm looking for a talented Frontend Engineer to hire.

The problem:
 - our HR send me any tech related resume
 - recruiters do an amazing job but cost too much 25%
 - linkedin... well I don't want to spend my day calling people that might be potential matchs.

So what is to you the best way to find a good Frontend Engineer ?


bchelli 1718 days ago. link 1 point
Hi Spicoo,
you can contact me at bchelli [at] vpusa [dot] com
I'll be glad to tell you more about the position
bchelli 1718 days ago. link 1 point
I guess I'm ready find the next frontend ninja for our team soon.
Thanks everyone
cmj 1719 days ago. link 1 point