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chris-l 1973 days ago. link 3 points
amatiasq: Agree with the response.

I DON'T hate coffescript, I just dislike how its fans tend to assume the things coffescript does, everybody will love them: I really don't like the whitespace thing and I do like semicolons.

I think if someone likes python-like syntax, is ok, as long they don't assume everybody likes it, or that everybody hates the c-like syntax.

Also, the response is very right; those examples seem to show that some people dislike traditional javascript, just because they don't really understand it. (NOT everybody, of course, I'm pretty sure there are lots of competent javascript coders on the coffescript side)

In a nutshell: I don't hate coffescript, and I know what it is; it's just syntax sugared javascript, designed to make it more python-like. And that's cool if that's your thing! I just prefer traditional javascript with it's c-like syntax. But that's me; to each his own.