Echo JS 0.11.0


cwest 282 days ago. link 0 point
I think this is pretty interesting but it does stink that you cant call the function without a value.  Anyway, I reposted to  Feel free to post any other interesting write-ups you do there (JS or other languages).
cwest 281 days ago. link 0 point
The first time I agree that I did kinda spam the post but as far as my comment on this one I did find it interesting and I felt that it was quality work.  I personally wrote a different solution to this problem pre-es6 ( and so to see this solution now that we have es6 features available I thought it was pretty cool.  I'm honestly not trying to spam anyone, I am giving credit where due and also letting them know that in addition to putting links on echo JS you can do so on Ciphly.

All that said, I will no longer put comments about Ciphly on here.  When I find something interesting (often something found here on echo JS) I will go to the actual site and add a comment.

PS. Also I am not trying to spam by mentioning my link to my post from a few years ago, I am simply giving proof.