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smoosher 381 days ago.
When will we be not having people that act like that in the JS community? A series of aggressive tweets attacking everybody that tries to say something because he simply won't accept somebody saying that he didn't read the notes.

Seriousty it's the readon I'll never contribute to Webpack, I don't want to deal with somebody like this.

MaxArt 381 days ago. link 7 points
What I think is *actually* harmful for the JS community is this kind of witch hunt.

Maybe Sean was in a bad mood, or perhaps frustrated that MooTools is back from the dead just to bust the new attempt to extend JavaScript's standard library (again!). You can't judge him for just that.

That whole thread gives me a stomach ache, with all those passive aggresiveness. But they're all reasonable people, so I think they will clarify soon.

That being said, Sean Larkinn is *not* webpack. The former is a person, the latter is a great project that's pushing the web development community forward by setting new, remarkable standards of dev tooling. webpack isn't made by just Sean and will survive Sean's contributions.
gotofritz 381 days ago. link 4 points
No, you posting this childish crap is harmful to the JS community. This is simply what in politics or business would be called "a robust discussion". 

Also - fuck MooTools. Really, why should the language be affected by the bad decisions someone made 10 years ago in their own obsolete and barely used library

If anything the post should have been called "MooTools is harmful to the JS Community"
loilo 381 days ago. link 3 points
While I think that Sean's behaviour can sometimes be pretty not helpful (or even toxic), I have to say it is *very* pretentious to consider him "harmful for the JS community".

Besides the original Twitter thread (and some others I've read now and then) he's generally a very supportive member of the community. Also sadly — even if this does not excuse any concrete behaviour — I've very rarely met people as passionate and as charismatic as him who didn't have a tad of a choleric vein.
jklu 381 days ago. link 3 points
I haven't read the thread, nor do I know any of the people involved, but titles like these sound like they come from kindergarten. People can't win an argument and therefore start calling each other names. Bit sad imho..
amitport 381 days ago. link 3 points
"When will we be not having people that act like that"

Some people are sometimes rude. Some are sometimes condescending. (+ it's a global community and those concepts are not perceived the same universally)

The exchange you linked to does not seem such a big deal to me. (I'm not familiar with the people involved, so maybe I'm missing something) 381 days ago. link 1 point
If you read the full exchange it started out with Sean simply tweeting his distaste for the proposed name change to a proposed feature.

Then Rick made an implicit assertion of a false dichotomy (suggesting Sean's stance that the "smoosh" name shouldn't be used means breaking the web) in:
> breaking the web is not  an option.

While also condescendingly dismissing Sean's view due to him being "new to these meetings".

I think the abrasiveness in this exchange was ostensibly initiated by Rick to which Sean replied like-in-kind.

It wasn't exactly mature for Sean to carry on the tit-for-tat hostility, but I don't think Rick initiating it or Mariko chiming in to defend Rick initiating hostility exactly helped.
tracker1 379 days ago. link 3 points
Agreed, while it wasn't exactly constrained, I don't think that the first reaction should be to try and ostracize, then push out anyone who doesn't conform to social norms.  Even if someone else is acting childish, it's up to you to be better, to be an adult and adopt and deal with that situation as a grown up.

That said, were there no conflicts with ES5 and say prototype.js?  As far as I'm concerned, mootools shouldn't stop the use of the original name.  I said as much in the discussion thread on GH.