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geekplux 285 days ago. link 1 point
So excited to share a markdown-it plugin which let you generate a visualization chart using several lines code.

The project homepage: 
You can have a try online:


Very often we need to insert some data into our articles to make them more convincing, and since we are more sensible of information in charts than statistics, how to easily and conveniently embed a chart in an article is important. However, common method is to export a chart as an image, then upload it to an Image Hosting and get a url, finally paste the url to editor, which is a tedious process from writer's perspective.

Also, it makes the image loading time become much longer than that of the DOM elements, which may be/is a bad experience from reader's perspective.

Present situation

The current version is made in my spare time, It provides you with three most-commonly-used charts: bar charts, line charts and pie charts. But you can use the API to customize the new chart layout which is easy for you who know about d3. Welcome any improvement to the current version and other charts you think useful.