Echo JS 0.11.0


sbruchmann 339 days ago. link 3 points
From their

> Voted the best cross-platform component suite containing everything you need to create responsive web apps for touch devices and traditional desktops: data grid, interactive charts, data editors, navigation and multi-purpose widgets that are designed to look great and provide powerful functionality in any browser.

Voted by whom? When? Who were the competitors?

The only thing I could find was a [tweet] [1] mentioning the "Best of TechEd"-award back from **2014**.

jsman2017 339 days ago. link 4 points
"Component Suite:Cross-Platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) 
Gold: DevExpress DevExtreme Subscription 
Silver: Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition 
Bronze: Aspose.Total for .NET"

"Mobile Development Tools and Frameworks 
Gold: Xamarin Platform 
Silver: DevExpress DevExtreme Subscription 
Bronze: Telerik Platform by Progress"