Echo JS 0.11.0

fcambus 2377 days ago.
Echo JS is one year old today!

The first news was posted on November 17th 2011 and the site went public two weeks later, on December 1st.

First, some statistics :

- 2237 news posted (6.13 per day on average)
- 387 registered users 
- 627 followers on Twitter (

On other news, the code base has been updated, and news ranking is now working correctly! So please upvote stories, relevant comments, and so far and so on.

About the future, for those of you wondering : Echo JS is not going away anytime soon. The domain is registered until 2021, and we will roll a number of site updates over the next couple of weeks, including SSL support and the ability to reset passwords.

Lastly, if you want to see Echo JS grow and develop further, please help us by posting relevant stories and by spreading the URL around :) You can also follow us on Twitter (@echojs) if you aren't already. For those of you having accounts on HN, feel free to upvote this story : 

That's all for now. Thanks everyone, and remember : *YOU* make the site!

fallanic 2377 days ago. link 2 points
Happy birthday Echo JS!

One of my favorite websites :)

Longue vie à Echo JS!