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This article completely misses the biggest advantage of NodeJS - being able to run the same code both back and front end.

Sure, most features you're using Babel for are also available via enabling some v8 flags, but you can't do that on the client side.

With Babel + Webpack you can have largely the same codebase on both frontend and backend, saving huge amounts of time and effort otherwise wasted writing separate logic for the browser, and allows you to manage your front-end dependencies with good ol' npm, instead of doing so manually by hand.
tracker1 981 days ago. link 4 points
If you don't mind a minor lag at startup, and more memory usage, you can `npm install -s babel-cli babel-preset-es2015-node5` and use `babel-node` ... setup a small `.babelrc` file and you're off...

I usually do that at the start of prototyping something in node, often it's "enough" ... I find that async/await is worth it by itself.. add in destructuring, fat-arrow function expressions, and it's really worth it... I'll take easier to reason code with a little tooling over trying to do vanilla node/js these days.
ColCh 982 days ago. link 4 points
Good ol' days with `node --harmony`.

No please. I will just use Babel with a bunch of plugins. 

It's not that hard. Really.
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did this idiot smoke their brains out or something?  it's not that hard to remember a few plugins