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Regarding babel 6, most new browsers support most features that required transpilation in the box, beyond that, many can be polyfilled dynamically such as via ... 

With that in place, you may not need to enable many ES6/7 features within your bundles/code.  This reduces the load of your application on a client computer.  No need to load code on a client that isn't needed there.

That's the main motivation of babel changing strategies, there have been a lot of requests to have specific packages for different targets... by breaking out the options and targets it allows you to have more options available.

I didn't really read the rest of the rant as many enterprise applications have pre-requisites... setup your database, etc... most npm apps are npm i -g appname, or when you clone from github, npm install... also requiring an appropriate version of node.  Having dockerfile available in the projects helps too.