Echo JS 0.11.0

matt_smith 1616 days ago.
To EchoJS submitters:

What kind of posts of do we want to see on EchoJS? And by that I'm asking what are the appropriate posts to share?

Obviously this is a JS-centric link-sharing feed, but as the page and Twitter bio both state: "Echo JS is a community-driven news site entirely focused on JavaScript development, HTML5, and front-end news." That suggests that links for HTML5 and front-end development would also be appropriate to share.

The page also lists under general rules for posting: "JavaScript related content only".

Every so often it's kindly pointed out to me in my posts' comments that "This isn't JavaScript content" (my posts are about half JS-only and the other half HTML5/CSS/front-end). I'm quick to point first to the mission statement, which then is as quickly countered with citing the general rules for posting bullet point. I think these two statements are causing confusion which is why I'm posing this question.

In the spirit of keeping the quality of EchoJS high, what are your thoughts about this?


egecan 1615 days ago. link 5 points
I'd like to see some more discussion, rather than links. Links can be found everywhere but it's the discussion around those links which makes communities awesome.
gotofritz 1614 days ago. link 3 points
The site owners seem to want to discourage that, as their software detracts karma points for writing comments.
fcambus 1613 days ago. link 3 points
For information, you do not lose any karma points when writing comments. Even if your comment gets upvoted or downvoted it has no effect on your karma.
chris-l 1615 days ago. link 4 points
Well, I mentioned my opinion on the other post, but I'll mention it again here.

My humble opinion is that EchoJS should stay JavaScript focused.

Now, the description of EchoJS "community-driven news site entirely focused on JavaScript development, HTML5, and front-end news." in conjunction with the content rule, makes sense since JavaScript main use is related with Web front-end projects. Since that its the main use, is normal that most of the news are going to be front-end related.

But as most of you (I'm betting all of you!) know, JavaScript is no longer a websites-only language. With nodejs and other cool projects like esprino, JavaScript is being used more and more for non-frontend related stuff.

If this site becomes about general front-end news, posting things like esprino here would not make a lot of sense.

The way I have been interpreting the conjunction of the description and the content rule is something like: "EchoJS is a community-driven news site entirely focused on JavaScript development. That includes news about HTML5 and front-end in general, as long they are related some way to JavaScript."

But that is only my personal interpretation. What you think about this?

(Of course, a compromise solution is possible; turning EchoJS to be officially a site with news about general frontend technologies (HTML+CSS+JS) AND non-frontend JavaScript-only projects. But IMHO, that sounds somewhat wrong. What are your thoughts about that?)