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fallanic 1594 days ago.
Hi all,

we are currently using expressjs for several node project, and had no significant problem until a few days ago with a very specific CORS issue.

So we're thinking giving hapi a try (it support CORS natively), and maybe even more than a try, especially with the sad news of TJ now leaving the node community.

So we would like to hear your stories. 
Do some of you have experience with hapi? What did you like, what didn't you like? Would you recommend it?

Thanks a lot!

chmanie 1594 days ago. link 9 points
We have been using hapi for a somewhat bigger project for about a year now.

Looks good so far (especially for all the out-of-the box http-header and security) features (like CORS, that you mentioned).

Testing is a charm (but only if you use spumkos 'lab') because of the great server.inject() feature.

I really like the configuration over code approach that hapi is promoting. It helps modularizing your code.

It comes with support for a lot of handy plugins/tools, here are the ones we are using:

- joi: awesome validation library
- yar: cookie jar for encrypted server side sessions
- catbox: caching plugin/wrapper for multiple strategies (e.g. redis)
- good: logger/process monitoring
- lab: test utility
- travelogue: not as good. to be replaced by bell

Some downsides: It's hard to keep up with the rapid development cycle the spumko folks are pushing. They release major updates every two months or so and each of them contains some breaking changes.

The passport-js integration via travelogue was terrible (many undocumented features, bugs, etc., although they are going to replace it with a native solution named bell:

Over the last few months (I think since v2.0) the documentation consisted only of a large file embedded in github. But I just saw that changed as well. They have a shiny new documentation now:

My opinion is that everyone who is unhappy with express for some reason should check out hapi. It is worth a try.

I could talk about our experiences for hours, so if you have a specific question, just send me some lines on twitter: @chmanie
fallanic 1593 days ago. link 2 points
Thanks for the detailed feedback, very helpful.