Echo JS 0.11.0

bigtunacan 1616 days ago. link 1 point
JavaScript: The New Parts would be more accurate. I'm not sure all of these changes are for the better; or will help make things any easier.

Class : 

This one is a mixed bag. The way prototype inheritance works in JavaScript today is non-trivial and many people do not understand it.  The new implementation makes creating objects and using inheritance easier at the implementation level, but it masquerades the fact that it is STILL prototypal inheritance.  It's good that it's easier to implement; bad that we end up with a bunch of confused programmers that will think JavaScript has something akin to traditional OOP.

Arrow functions:

Less typing; more confusion. The fact that it does lexical this binding is going to lead to more confusion as developers are left wondering why this is one thing when creating a function in the old style, and something else in the new style. It's no substitute for understanding how "this" really works in JavaScript.