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naugtur 1687 days ago. link 2 points
Now that's a great idea. Let's choose tech CEOs based not on their skills but on their beliefs matching current fashion. He's the best candidate they have, but he's got an opinion that is totally irrelevant to all his work in Moz and we must all focus on that.


bnb 1686 days ago. link 1 point
Would we be having this conversation if he actively contributed to deny interracial couples marriage? No, because that would be inappropriate in our modern society where we don't judge people based on their skin color. Sexuality is no different. 

If a CEO in another company did that, and it was brought to the public's attention, there would be calls for him to step down because he didn't believe in equal rights. 

If he (imaginary CEO, not Eich) were to do that, then it would create a hostile work environment for people of different skin colors because they would know that he does not support them having basic human rights.
naugtur 1680 days ago. link 0 point
No matter how controversial, any personal opinion of a leader about any law doesn't create a hostile work environment unless (s)he decides to. Eich didn't have any problems accepting people at Mozilla. There were plenty of statements of LGBT(pick one) people stating that Eich treated them same as anybody else.

This being said, I do think that a person of weak character would decide to create an environment hostile to people (s)he doesn't share basic beliefs with. But people with weak character don't get elected to be community leaders in general.