Echo JS 0.11.0

arnorhs 1880 days ago. link parent 3 points
There are a few features that would be nice:
- Pagination (or infinite scroll) of the front page
- Top stories of the past week/month reddit style, for people who don't visit that often
- I'd personally like markdown or more formatting in comments, so you could actually discuss code. And then possibly using a non-monospaced font for the text body
- I also wonder if you could do something to make the loading of the detail page (comments page) faster using ajax or (gulp) have a SPA type of scenario (though this might be driven more by the want to have a js-centered website, more dynamic for its own sake, as opposed to knowing that that would actually make anything better)

Off the top of my head. If I have more ideas/arguments I can add them.

Thanks for making this site btw. I think it's great


fallanic 1878 days ago. link 3 points
I agree with the first 3 points.

I think the 4th one is less of a priority for now, but it will probably be a good idea as soon as people will start posting source code in comments.

Thanks for the ideas, and feel free to share if you have some more ;)
fcambus 1878 days ago. link 2 points
Some interesting suggestions indeed, thanks for your input. I believe front page pagination should be a top priority, and switching to a non-monospaced font for the comments as well.

Regarding the later, I really like Open Sans [1] these days. Does anyone have advices or suggestions regarding typefaces?