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kadaj 1927 days ago. link 4 points
We don't want another Java on the web. JavaScript is brilliant in itself. What we need is faster VMs.


sethladd 1922 days ago. link 2 points
Luckily, Dart isn't Java. Here's a good list of ways that Dart isn't Java.

Some reasons:

* Dart is a source code runtime.
* Dart has optional types.
* Dart has collection literals.
* Dart is purely object oriented.
* Dart supports top-level functions and variables
* Dart’s main function is terse
* Dart lets you put any number of public classes into a file
* Dart has closures and lexically scoped functions
* Dart has mixins
* Dart has operator overriding
* Dart has string interpolation
* Dart has noSuchMethod

[disclaimer: I work on the Dart team]

Hope that helps,
htilford 1926 days ago. link 2 points
A faster VM is the real goal of Dart, it's faster than JS, it even benches faster than Java in some cases.

It's gotten that fast in a lot less time with a lot less code, because it was designed from the start to be optimized for the VM. 

It's a different take on producing a faster VM for the web.  However I doubt it will ever make it past chrome so what's the point.  If you just target chrome you can use Portable Native Client if you need performance.