Echo JS 0.11.0

quelhas 2020 days ago. link parent 3 points
By worthless, I was alluding to the fact that all the performance related benefits are still hindered by browser incompatibilities and lack of support by other browser vendors. As an ecosystem, I think it is a pretty interesting piece of technology. I just have my doubts that it actually solves any "huge" problem. But I can imagine a good use-case, the enterprise. I believe something like Dart is more appealing to hermits who are still working with Java and .Net Stacks for the web (intranets and stuff like that). However, I just don't see it succeed with open-source, modular and startup-type tech. Again, I can be completely wrong about it, but if I'm allowed to use something like Node.js as a benchmark, there seems to be a huge difference in terms of adoption and growth speed between both, obviously in Node's favor. Anyway, you make some good points and I hope to hear from more people about it.