Echo JS 0.11.0

planttheidea 734 days ago. link parent 1 point
I did not claim that JSX would survive the next big thing (I've been doing this too long to think anything will last more than a few years), you took my point out of context. Rather, the idea is that neither thing will stand the test of time, so imho it is a little safer to go with the thing that sticks closer to the native language. But trust me, only a little safer, it's mainly a comfort level thing.

And the HTML orientation is less about JSX as it is about how you approach building interfaces. Template languages make the DOM the focus, supersetting the features there and making it the focal point for triggers, updates, etc. Thinking DOM-first in engineering style leans itself to this approach. JSX makes the data itself the focus, and the DOM is a pure reflection of the data. Thinking data-first leans itself to this approach. Again ... A comfort level thing, no right or wrong, because both methods solve the problems we face.