Echo JS 0.11.0

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Yeah, there was a couple of improvements in readme that was released as patch and the CLI was introduced in a minor release due to not affecting any other functionality (per semver spec). I had some time during the holiday season to implement these features and the fact that the version number increased quickly was mainly due to how semver works and the fact that I had enough time to implement CLI.


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May I suggest not doing that? I mean, developers need a little stability. Semver is ok and all, but releasing 7 versions in two hours (incluing a minor one) makes me think it's a rushed release.

Instead, take a little more time, publish a more polished version when you're quite done. Bugs might still slip out, but it's no big deal to release a patch version shortly after.
*One* patch, though, not 6 *and* a minor upgrade.