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faceyspacey 670 days ago. link parent 1 point
To me, your goal seems to be to get more promotion for Recycle through sympathy. I really liked Recycle. I don't like what you're doing now. You're like giving the community a spanking for not falling in love with your project over night. 

Operate from a place of strength and confidence my friend. Things may turn out for your project in the long run. Give it some time. You did good work. However right now, I forecast it challenging to get people to switch their main client framework without offering more than incremental improvements. I feel like the general consensus is that "The View Wars are over." People aren't in the mood for World War III right now. They just wanna use React.

Helpful Tip: on your next open source project, try a smaller one that is more easily able to be included in larger projects. I think you'll get more results that way. I know at this stage I have no more room in my brain for new view frameworks unless it's something out of this world fresh.


domagojk 670 days ago. link 1 point
I'm sorry you feel that way, but that was not my goal.

After I wrote a blog post about Recycle, I was thinking is there something else that I could do, but didn't think of anything other than social media tools.

Then I got the idea of a platform where projects would not be ranked by popularity. I have some experiece in writing science articles, so I wrote about that idea. I have elaborated the need for it, and presented my arguments on the matter. In that post, Recyle was barely mentioned (name of the framework was never written) and those who didn't read about Recycle the other day didn't mentioned it at all.

Again, I admit the idea came to me while I was thinking of how to promote my project, but if you really believe that I'm offended by developers not immediately
jumping to my project, you really must think low of me.