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mephju 802 days ago. link 2 points
I am not sure I like where Babel is going. Seems like it's trying to do everything. Now it even minifies your code?! 
What about the Unix principle that tools should only solve one problem. But this they should solve very well. And then just chain those tools together to get what you want.

But anyway, Babel is a great tool, which has improved my developer life a lot. Though, I really wonder why there is no company backing this project as I am sure that a lot of companies rely on it on a day to day basis.


MaxArt 802 days ago. link 2 points
Babel isn't what it used to be, i.e. a tool to transpile code. Now it's a framework that offers the code's AST to plugins for transformations.
It could be transpilation, but extensively it could be as simple as comment removal or minification. So yes, Babel still does *one* thing, but so does every Babel plugin.