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blai 657 days ago. link parent 1 point
Sure, we all need venting. After all, we are human. And yes, we need radical candor - how would we improve if we think we are perfect? But I guess the point of the article is that AT THE MOMENT we are having way too many negatives than we can handle as a community, just as you also pointed out yourself.

Google has not done the best they could in this matter, but we cannot dismiss they effort they have put in to fixing some of the most complained issues. It is hard to see developers like you suffer through the consequence of their fault, especially when you didn't get to pick... But wait, I think you can pick what you want to do in life. From the number of stars React project has on their github repository, I am sure there is no shortage of jobs out there asking for nothing but React. Not everyone is fanatic of particular frameworks, but if you are, and having to code Angular 2 make you lose sleep at night and your life suck because of it, then I am sure changing your job solved something - it brings your life back! Life should be happy, right?

By the way, thank you for your contribution to OS, you have all of my respect. And hey, if you just couldn't find companies that needs React dev, my company does :)


sylvainpv 657 days ago. link 1 point
I think if I have to restart the project from scratch while sticking with Angular, I would be much more peaceful now that we have stable API, angular-cli and feedback on the tooling (webpack+rollup+typescript would be my new choice). It's more the timing and the process of decision-making that turns out badly for us. Emotions come when we start to lose control and feel stuck with something.