Echo JS 0.11.0

kirilloid 730 days ago. link parent 1 point
That's your personal experience and personal experience depends on person and project. I had more than 3 months to work with pretty big ng1 codebase and I'm still unable to wrap my head around all these "@", ">", "=" and all ng1 cryptic syntax for property-binding.
At the same time I dived into ng2 easily (with prior RxJS and TS experience, though) w/o any guidance. Much easier than e.g. Ember.
Of course, ReactJS was even easier than ng2, but for any big app you'll need redux, redux-thunk, redux-middleware and all other bells and whistles, which makes actually learning ReactJS.
And after several years, saying I program in React will not mean anything, because do you use flux-saga (not a real thing, probably) or redux-thunk? And with Angular2+ there will be only one type.
Ng2 might never reach popularity of React, but it will have its niche in Enterprise world.


davidspiess 729 days ago. link 1 point
I can't agree on your opinion that knowledge about react and redux will become meaningless in the future. The key point about redux is, you don't have to learn yet another framework specific api. It's based purely on functional programming principles, so if you wrap your head about them once, you can build apps without any magic going on under the hood.
Learning about FP was extremely valuable for my career and made me for sure a better programmer too.