Echo JS 0.11.0

sylvainpv 772 days ago. link parent 4 points
Exactly. I found the article content to be technically low and sometimes incorrect, yet I can't help but upvoting this because I totally share the feeling of dispair and distress of the author. 

I work on a large Angular 2 project for a year now and the development has been chaotic compared to my previous experiences with Angular 1. At the time, we decided to go with ES6 instead of TypeScript as the Angular team made this promise that we could have the choice of the language. The truth is, there is no documentation and tooling for non-Typescript users and migrating from ES6 to TypeScript on big projects is much more complicated than expected.

Currently we have major issues such as the bundle size (1.7 megabyte only for angular and related dependencies) and render performance in our views (fixed by changing ChangeDetectionStrategy and manually updating the view, which makes angular zones mechanism almost pointless). Debugging is also terrible since angular and zone call stacks are hiding all the valuable information in the exceptions.

Today I bitterly regret this choice and would not recommend Angular 2 to anyone. I worked with dozens of JS frameworks in the past but none of them has leaved me to such a state of mind of frustration and discouragement. I know it sounds like whining and my testimony may not be very constructive but it needed to be told. Angular 2 is terrible.


tracker1 769 days ago. link 2 points
One of my experiences was pretty similar... I've been happy with React (w/ redux/thunks/fetch), and would recommend it whole heartedly over ng2... as a migration, ng1 to ng2 is even more painful than a planned rewrite path.

Most of my biggest complaints on ng2 have been addressed (although after rc1), and even then, it just feels weird in a day when we have a lot of tooling around npm, the stuff baked into ng2 just feels like too much, and too difficult to really use.