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ben 816 days ago. link parent 3 points
Vue isn't strictly monolithic and is intended for the view layer, much like React. It can be sandwiched with Vuex, a Redux-like state library, for unidirectional data flow. By default, it uses a MobX-like approach to data binding (AFAIK MobX is influenced by Vue's default approach to binding, which is getter/setter based), and a pub/sub model for cross-component communication (not sure whether this has been retained in v2.x). It's seldom that we see React without either Redux or MobX, so making these tools/methodologies first-party makes sense.

Vue's drawcard, for me at least, is its tiny size. Last year, I built out a rather large app using Vue < 1.0, and found that the whole thing came in under the gzipped size of React alone (with no additional tools like Redux or React Router).


goblinking 815 days ago. link 1 point
Fair enough on the first point: I am perhaps too much of a purist with separating concerns.  It's not enough to put me off of trying Vue.

The size difference is very impressive ... if you don't mind, about how complex was your finished app and how large was the bundle versus something similar you have done with a React (and friends) based app?