Echo JS 0.11.0

tracker1 873 days ago. link 1 point
Interesting... with webpack, will often inject $, jQuery and window.jQuery via webpack.ProvidePlugin ... I'm more inclined to avoid jQuery altogether these days if possible.

The query engines in most browsers is as good as I need.... document.querySelector* does what I need.  With shims for Array.from, and addEventListener, that covers the major use case.  Promises are in the browser and bluebird has more as a better alternative.  Axios and fetch are better options for remote requests, already promise based.  The value add for jQuery (as a pretty big library) just isn't as worth it to me.

It's getting to a point that it's worth considering having two builds in babel again... one for modern browsers, another for ES2015 target.  Since most self-updating browsers and even Node have most of ES2015 now, a lot of the patching is only for IE9-11 (depending on what you support).