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fcambus 1022 days ago. link parent 2 points
You won't go very far with that kind of attitude.

We are a JavaScript only news site, Docker is off-topic. Besides, accounts "zaycker", "" were created at the same time the news was posted for the sole purpose of adding one word style comments. Who are you trying to fool here?


jifeon 1022 days ago. link 0 point
Sorry man, if I hurt you. But are you kidding, how docker can be off-topic at the era of container deployments and microservices? A lot of node.js developers are doing devops now. And running phantomjs, load site, execute actions to parse it with a single command, isn't it excited?

First time I've posted something not to popularize it, but just because I thought it's f*cking cool. And yes I posted this link to couple of skype chats and the resource get two new real developers as users. What's wrong with it?

I don't want you restore the post, actually it's not important for me at all, but type this to your console and say it's not cool. docker run -it --rm -e DEBUG=* redcode/goose-parser:0.2-alpha node index.js "" '{"rules": {"scope": "article", "collection": [[{"scope": "h2 a", "name": "name"}, {"scope": "username", "name": "username"}]]}}'