Echo JS 0.11.0

bigtunacan 1416 days ago. link 1 point
I'm concerned that this creates fragmentation when the community would be better served working together.  As Node and IO diverge eventually they become incompatible module maintainers have to support both, or possibly they choose just one or the other; either way both of these are a loss for the community since one takes up valuable time supporting two platforms and the other option leaves us with a less healthy module eco-system for each platform.

Compare this with the Ruby community.  MRI is the reference implementation and more people than not continue to use it.  Rubinius and JRuby try to achieve performance gains through various means, but the attempt there is not to diverge from MRI, but rather to stay in lock step.  Even there, where the intention is not to diverge, there end up being some incompatibilities.  Now JRuby 9000 is falling even further behind MRI (  The end result is that more often than not people just choose MRI.

I think especially right now as Node.js is still an up and comer that this division could be toxic to the community as a whole.