Echo JS 0.11.0

bigtunacan 1445 days ago. link 6 points
This makes me think of the "State of JavaScript in 2015" article that showed up on Hacker News recently.

To me this seems like a fork without purpose that will mostly serve only to divide the community and lower overall adoption of Node.js.  Now I will not only have to know X^Infinite front-end frameworks, but also how many forks of Node.js will I need to keep up with.  I feel like these efforts would be better served bettering Node.js rather than creating a divide.


zarr2k 1445 days ago. link 1 point
Oh my - I skipped that one because I thought it would be yet another 'hey look - promises/generators/<random es6/7 feature>!' article.

Thanks for pointing me back to it.

I'm not involved in the fork, but was aware it might be underway. A lot of the core node.js contributers are involved in the fork, and it seems the fork has been bred out of a frustration with node.js's update cycle, and it's somewhat peculiar versioning scheme.

But I agree - if we start seeing forks appear everywhere, then this will only split the community. On the other hand, if we loose node.js contributors entirely due to frustrations with how joyent is handling it...