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Mostly agree... I'd probably be more inclined to switch to typescript before adding an immutable library at this point.  And I'm not really doing ts in the app code.
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Note: put .env in your .gitignore file... so it doesn't accidentally get checked into source control.
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Would add joi and ajv to the list, since they're more widely used than either.
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This is not a "fix" it's a work around... if you actually want italics, it's still broken.  I can't speak to the source of the bug, but did you actually submit a support ticket or bug report to the Chrome developers?
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As-demonstrated can only have a single emitter in a chain... there are no considerations for subscribing to event channels at all.
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Works, decent structure... less opinionated, similar to bootstrap, bulma or any number of other CSS libraries.

Kind of would like to see one of these css library/frameworks much more opinionated.  For example, just make the baseline button as well as submit/reset form types the default button composition (no btn class needed).  Header elements should also be styled by default.  Similar for stylized radio/checkbox items...

    <label><input type="radio" .../><span>text</span></label>

As a convention is enough to custom style in modern browser with the nearest neighbor, the label wrapping the input will cause the label to work without the need of a "for" attribute.

The class soup just gets a bit weary after a while, and largely unnecessary.
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For most of what I've been working on lately, the API is a slice from the main application domain... ex: /api will reverse-proxy to the api service, other routes will serve from the ui static files.

No CORS at all, so only the service domain can be used in a browser.

This can be done with nginx, caddy, kubernetes entry, or even in IIS via the ARR extension.