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Didn't notice it called out, but Brotli in time to compress is roughly the same as .gz, pest to use it for pre-compressed files at build-time, not dynamic compression at runtime (unless the server will compress/cache the results), not good for dynamic routes.
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Just curious.  For those downvoting, why the downvotes?
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IMHO, this is emphatically *NOT* the most scalable app architecture... imo, feature oriented structures work far better. A given feature may have child features, may have action creators, reducers, components, data access requests, etc, etc.  

Nested, mirrored trees organized by type is much harder to work with in practice as your related items are spread across several directories reducing the usefulness of having a directory tree for your files to begin with.

As to the mention of Axios... just wrap fetch for your needs directly.
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If you're going to call out generators, should add async and async generators.
[comment deleted]
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This was a re-upload of content originally from 2 years ago in JSConf EU 2018.  I changed the link to the original content.

About half of erisanakorede's posts have been removed as posted, Hence the Youtube discussion a couple days ago.  Next spammy/scammy thing the person posts, deleting the user (which unfortunately removes useful posts, but unsure how much are even original content after this).
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I really like parcel, in many ways for the same reasons I like jest.  Trying to wire it all up yourself is *so* much effort, that I'm willing to spend a couple seconds on initial builds to account for it.

Similarly, Jest does such a good job at wiring up coverage, which is really a pain with say mocha.

I't a bit more pragmatic, and I still have to do some leg work.  I'll probably start using v2 in the next few months.  I tried an early beta and had some issues with it.
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Missing generator functions... async generators are really cool as well, combined with for-await.