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This stuff is really cool... I do hope a lot of the tooling gets better for this though.  I also can't help but remember VRML when I see the lower poly WebGL demos.
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May as well have integrated JSON3 or another more forgiving parser.
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Very similar, but a little easier to use the Dokku option and setup the Let's Encrypt plugin with that... then drop a dockerfile in your project root to build/run your app in a container... add a git remote then `git push remote` to deploy.
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This has been posted before, is this a new version?
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MIT license, decent payload size, for a charts library.
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It's often a good idea to split your Admin management and your User's Profile/Security management for a number of reasons.

Aside: Looks like this is MIT licensed software, for those interested.
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Cool, hadn't followed a lot of css3+ support, including custom properties (variables)... I don't care for the separation of the SCSS source files and the components themselves though, to me this is a bit of an anti-pattern.  Also, will mean that the  entire CSS is loaded instead of just those components used.  Use of rollup and scss directly is probably better off in the end though.

Seems a bit cleaner than the React bootstrap wrappers, and at a glance about as complete. MIT license.

Pretty decent overall, will want to keep this in mind for future projects.  I still *really* like Material UI, but this is definitely a lighter/simpler library.
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Should definitely add a Nunjucks example... also worth checking out is Vash for razor-like syntax, which is also nice.
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Only question I really have is can you use say npm and nuget or cargo in the same project?  Assuming you're managing client and server resources in a single project root.
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The two that got me are 20 and 33.  I haven't thought of progressive enhancement separate from rendering, and for progressive rendering, think of images that render with increasing detail... Also, couldn't recall the definition of Ternary.

#38 is frankly more difficult to answer in the context of JS, as it's usually just a partial apply not a true curried function that can have one or more partial applications, usually requiring a library.  Often it's more of a fixed  `fn = a => (b, c) => result`

In general a really good set of questions overall.  I do find the one question that tends to separate more/less experienced developers is "What are the 6 falsy values in JS?" or a variation on that question.  More experienced devs can usually guess 3-5 of them.  Usually I'll put it in the context of "if (!x) console.print(`${x} is falsy`);" what values for x are falsy?