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Of all the things I expected to be spammed here, I wasn't expecting *this* =__=
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Interesting tech stack you used for just a comic strip 👍
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Tailwind is a workaround, but it's not the answer.

The answer is a solid design system.
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Personally, I have no problem with CSS. I love CSS.

So, usually it's explaining the others that throwing declarations until they see something stick isn't the right way to do CSS...
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It's definitely not something I was expecting to find on Echo JS and it's a facepalm-inducing dad joke.

But have my upvote.
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I think I guessed it right then. It doesn't "fix" anything, as everything works fine. It appeals your own sense of aesthetics.
For this kind of things, I suggest creating a use style sheet to be installed with Stylus or other similar extensions. GitHub's new UI is... fairly new, so it's subject to change. Updating a Chrome extension can be a hassle.
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Uh, what does it "fix"?
It looks like it just applies some style.