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jaleksic 291 days ago.
Disclaimer: This is not exactly a JS post as I link to bash scripts, but it is very much related to working in react-native, which is a JS context overall (in my opinion..)

I've made this nuke-ios bash helper for working in react-native projects on MacOS a while ago, and have been improving it since. I find it very helpful because I can just "flush" the moving iOS parts quickly and see if things work correctly "from scratch".

# just delete local artifacts

# also delete global XCode DerivedData
nuke-ios --global # or -g

# reinstall pods after deleting them
nuke-ios --install # or -i

This is best used in combination with e.g. "rm -rf node_modules && nuke-ios", or even better with another alias like nuke-npm which works recursively in monorepos. See for that.

I occasionally run "nuke-npm && nuke-ios -g -i" and I'm rather happy with it :)