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tracker1 13 days ago. link 1 point
Not completely related to, but definitely cool to see the relative evolution of blog software at this point.  I do hope we see an evolution of more blog authoring software for at least article management, normalizing or at least configuring what front-matter is needed and blog article structure.

I know MS had an interresting blog editor at one point, that interfaced with a particular server api(s)... but would be nice for something similar that supported a markdown/html output for static generation.  Maybe pushing/publishing through github.

Been playing with Deno+Lume and publishing static blog from Github to Cloudflare Pages.  Crazy fast delivery Need to figure out how I want to add/set article imagery as well as a couple other bits.  Mostly experimenting.
areknawo 12 days ago. link 1 point
I agree. There are a lot of new tools in the space, especially in the open-source CMS category. Vrite is just one of them targeting specific niches, though others have their own advantages, like modularity, customizability, or exceptional UI/UX.

Vrite will undoubtedly be more extendable in the future (with e.g. custom metadata or different kind of dashboards) and hopefully even better suited to tackle use cases like documentation and help centers rather than just blogs.