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11 paragraphs, sections, blurbs and bullet points before the ad block, and no content/example or demonstration of why it is a better workflow.

Comparisons to real DOM vs vDOM are somewhat immaterial from the developer experience... and iirc, React are considering removing virtual DOM since the browsers have improved since React first started... it doesn't change the flow.

React's size is an issue... and tbh, not sure why it's still as big as it is.  I get it during dev, they add a lot, and it's possible what's left is mostly cruft for dev experience... unsure.

The comparisons at the bottom are slightly more interesting... I'm frankly surprised that SOLID didn't just follow the React API for a lot of the hooks/naming, it makes it more different, but also makes conversion a hindrance.  The foo-compat libraries (such as preact-compat) are what make them better suited for a quick swap.

The biggest thing for any upstart react-alike or JSX framework or library to overcome is going to be React's entrenchment and ecosystem.  There are a *LOT* of modules, UI, state, and other libraries that work with React... anything that wants to unseat it and be similar, needs to be mostly compatible, that is just my own take on this.

In the end, I generally hate comparison articles, at least this one focuses on only comparing two, and apparently part of a series.