Echo JS 0.11.0

fallanic 31 days ago.
Hi all,

Sorry about the recent spam episode, I did some cleanup, hopefully things should be more stable now.

As a reminder, this website is free, curated and managed by the community, and has no other ambition than providing interesting content and sometimes organize a few giveaways.

Spammers will always be a nuisance, which hopefully we can contain better with our tools and maybe a larger moderation team.

I hope we can all start enjoying EchoJS again, please keep reporting and downvoting abusers.

Thanks all!

PS/EDIT: huge thanks to tracker1 for his moderation help 🏅, he was on vacation these past few days, and so was I, which is one of the reason this episode happened unfortunately.

anuraghazra_real 31 days ago. link 8 points
Hi fallanic, thanks for cleaning up everything. 

The person who was doing the spams was in my discord server and when I found about it, I immediately confronts him and banned him.

His reasoning was totally not justified and I had no words to even say to him, and he actually also spams on other communities like this which is very sad TBH. 

He even tried to impersonate me here and spam my discord server links. 

I just wanna say,
You folks are doing great job running a the community even without a solid moderation system because the community is driven by good people of community not spammers.

Love from India!
shadowtime2000 31 days ago. link 3 points
God, if he tried to impersonate you that account should be deleted. That's a lot more serious than spamming some low quality links
anuraghazra_real 31 days ago. link 5 points
yes here's the user link i would request admins to remove this account. :)
tracker1 31 days ago. link 6 points
Was on vacation this past week and haven't been as active... today has been hectic, but should be back to at least once a day sweeps again after today.
angelomichel 30 days ago. link 4 points
Thanks for cleaning up (everyone who was involved)!
I will certainly be enjoy EchoJS again (or still), have a good one!
shadowtime2000 31 days ago. link 2 points
This is great to hear, is there any plan to make certain community members mods? downvoting doesn't so as much as they will prob use bots to spam upvotes, and when I am downvoting spam it just wipes my karma clean not allowing me to downvote other spam news
tracker1 31 days ago. link 4 points
When a downvoted article is "deleted" you get double karma back... I usually pay extra close attention to articles that are downvoted, so will get it back and then some 9 out of 10 times.  Might be interesting to give a karma zap on upvotes if an article is removed and remove the ability to upvote if negative karma.

Downvoting and adding a comment as to why it was downvoted can help to understand why it was downvoted... either spam, low quality, off topic etc.  This is especially true in the case of Video posts, where I'm less inclined to sit through the videos, I usually scan through a video and if I don't see a code editor and/or it's obviously OT, then I lean into removing it.

Note: I also try to also upvote said comments before deleting a spammy article, I don't always remember to do so.
shadowtime2000 31 days ago. link 1 point
Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks for making that clearer! but still, if we don't have that many active mods spam posts might not even get deleted.
tracker1 31 days ago. link 3 points
I was on vacation this past week, so wasn't active, but generally do a sweep at *least* once a day of all new posts... on busier days, I tend to concentrate on those that look spammy by title, have comments or are downvoted...

If you don't want to downvote a comment is usually the best option for getting attention.  While it's not as quick/active as it could be, there are usually not *that* many new posts each day.

And, no, I don't always delete downvoted posts... which is again why even if downvoting, a comment helps understanding why it was downvoted.