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kali 742 days ago. link 2 points
I'm going to reach for the classic: It depends. IMO it depends mainly on the quality of the code / developer.

If the code is good, the language doesn't really matter too much. If the code is bad, the language doesn't matter too much either.

Now, if you find some average code... then, in principle, sure, any additional information provided can help, and so will types. But then again, if the code is just average, the context provided by the added types will probably be of the same average quality. So, sometimes it will help, and sometimes it won't.

Mostly unrelated to this is the fact that as people have grown more familiar and knowledgeable with TS they've also -in general- improved the code they write with it. So, in a way, TS code you see today is *probably* better written than older TS code.