Echo JS 0.11.0

tracker1 273 days ago. link 1 point
Tend to follow a similar structure... a minor difference though...

    / - baseline configuration
      /npm - node/npm configured scripts
      /ci-cd - scripts for env/ci-cd
    /client - client application
      /index.js - main entry
      /index-ssr.js - server-side render entry
      /feature - all client features
        /wwwroot - assets deployed in root (favicon etc)
        /app - application wide components
        /api - api client abstraction
        /feature-name - components/logic/reducers/etc
    /server - server/api application
      /index.js - main entry point (see: npm os-service)
      /feature - all feature structures
        /webserver.js - main server start
        /static.js - statically mounted resources, reverse proxies, etc
        /middleware - middleware
        /routes - routes for api

If there are multiple configuration targets, I'll have a /configuration/configs/TARGET-NAME directory for those configs/assets.