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There very much is - without having dug deeper, this doesn't look like a complete answer, but merely serves as an introduction on how to begin using it.

You should definately unregister your event listeners in componentWillUnmount. If you wanted to pursue this approach I would probably make a higher level component (or mixin) to declaretively and automatically handle the binding and unbinding of events, plus the glue to rxObservables.
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Oh my - I skipped that one because I thought it would be yet another 'hey look - promises/generators/<random es6/7 feature>!' article.

Thanks for pointing me back to it.

I'm not involved in the fork, but was aware it might be underway. A lot of the core node.js contributers are involved in the fork, and it seems the fork has been bred out of a frustration with node.js's update cycle, and it's somewhat peculiar versioning scheme.

But I agree - if we start seeing forks appear everywhere, then this will only split the community. On the other hand, if we loose node.js contributors entirely due to frustrations with how joyent is handling it...

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I love google's material design - but both the React and Angular implementations I've seen of it keep missing out on the accessibility.

Something as simple as tabbing and spacing your way through checkboxes is not doable in these implementations...

Though, besides from that it looks good! :-)
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Yeah - it does feel like browserify follows the unix approach (do one thing, but do it well) and leaves the rest to plugins.

But that's not always a good thing - you now have to find plugins for all your more 'advanced' use-cases. And anyone picking up your work might have to grog your chosen plugins as well. But it is simple.

Personally I still haven't fully decided which to use yet - still in the testing phase.
zarr2k 1534 days ago. link 1 point
My impression: it does more than vanilla browserify.

It also has the ability to specify async loading, and can pretty easily chunk up shared js files (such as vendor libs) into one file, while generating another specific js file for each entry-page/page.
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Yes - that did clarify it for me. Looking forward to some more detail. :-)