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// downvoted accidentally, its not that simple to aim vote buttons with phone
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Nice article.

But questions are too simple, might be ok for a junior dev. Expected to see at least for mid+

Also I would split them as node and js related (just because there are much more to ask about nodejs)

I don't consider myself as an experienced nodejs ninja, but could have answered all of them.
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That's exactly what I've been thinking for last few years, and it annoys me every time... :(
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Great work)

I think there are way much more people stalking silently echojs and loves it :)

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Tnx for sharing, this thing looks promising)

I haven't read js api yet, so I'll ask now.. So, besides package management duo works as a dependency manager? Is there a way to specify an alias (path-in requirejs config).

And was it tested with 'live' compiling with gulp/broccoli on each file change in large project (100+) files? 
Does it work with incremental builds?