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sbruchmann 20 days ago. link 1 point
Weird. There's no paywall when I visit Medium. Could it be due to my excessive usage of ad blockers?
sbruchmann 28 days ago. link 1 point
I just skimmed the article and stumbled upon this sentence about Elm:

> The type system is so safe that it does not allow any runtime exception to occur.

This is not true. Of course there are ways to throw unindented runtime exceptions with Elm but it's somewhat hard to do. For example, creating invalid regular expressions on the fly won't be catched by the compiler.
sbruchmann 56 days ago. link 2 points
[Moderation note: A title is not a description. Use comments to describe your submission. (I've shortened the title for you this time.)]
sbruchmann 57 days ago. link 1 point
Offtopic: I can't count how many people didn't put the names of their project in the submission title over the last couple of weeks.
sbruchmann 57 days ago. link 1 point
Not really. besides from the non-english text contained in the extension's code the submission does fit on Echo JS.

Downvoting is enough to discourage such content, IMHO.