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Clickbait title and the article doesn't offer anything of substance other than pointing out that Vue is smaller and faster (there are other lightweight React alternatives that are better) and that the author prefers Vue's syntax and method of DOM binding. This is not a compelling argument to leave React for Vue.

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If you read the full exchange it started out with Sean simply tweeting his distaste for the proposed name change to a proposed feature.

Then Rick made an implicit assertion of a false dichotomy (suggesting Sean's stance that the "smoosh" name shouldn't be used means breaking the web) in:
> breaking the web is not  an option.

While also condescendingly dismissing Sean's view due to him being "new to these meetings".

I think the abrasiveness in this exchange was ostensibly initiated by Rick to which Sean replied like-in-kind.

It wasn't exactly mature for Sean to carry on the tit-for-tat hostility, but I don't think Rick initiating it or Mariko chiming in to defend Rick initiating hostility exactly helped. 306 days ago. link 2 points
I'm so glad that when I pressed Ctrl+T, typed 
"echojs" and hit enter purely out of habit today, I wasn't greeted with a sad post mortem message again :) 378 days ago. link 2 points
It may make things appear more concise and even simpler in the short term, but over a long term it impairs readability of your code. It also increases the cognitive load, in bigger `with` block you would need to constantly keep in mind what object is being used, without it you explicitly reference the object so it's clear.

It can also lead to confusing commits e.g. if you change the body of a `with` expression to access new child properties of the object you pass, it won't be very clear in the commit where those values are coming from because the `with` statement will likely not be visible in the diff.

If you don't want to explicitly refer to a long named variable or a long property chain, I would recommend assigning it to a concisely named variable rather than using `with` 986 days ago. link 6 points
This article completely misses the biggest advantage of NodeJS - being able to run the same code both back and front end.

Sure, most features you're using Babel for are also available via enabling some v8 flags, but you can't do that on the client side.

With Babel + Webpack you can have largely the same codebase on both frontend and backend, saving huge amounts of time and effort otherwise wasted writing separate logic for the browser, and allows you to manage your front-end dependencies with good ol' npm, instead of doing so manually by hand. 991 days ago. link 0 point
Can confirm. I'm a web developer with 7 years commercial experience now. I don't have a single formal qualification or certificate.

I got into the industry by freelancing for small local businesses to build up a portfolio which I then used to get my foot in the door at a web agency as a full time developer, then just took it from there with that experience. 1042 days ago. link 1 point
I like this, would make a good minimal alternative for building DOMs when using something like cycle.js